Letter: State’s attitude toward businesses needs to change

To The Editor, 

May 8 marked a very special date, as a famous corporation broke ground to start construction on a $200-million campus. It will host 800 employees and will generate a gain of $67 million in taxes, over 20 years to the city. Then there are the hundreds of construction jobs, plus the additional monies for all businesses, in the areas, including the real estate market.  Unfortunately, that groundbreaking will not be in Connecticut, but will be the new HQ of GE located in Boston.  

You know the corporation that the Governor and the Democratic legislature chased out of Connecticut.  

Of course, if you read their previous releases and tweets, taxes had nothing to do with it.  Perhaps Majority leader Duff, who tweets at every chance about the weather and traffic, can explain how we really loss GE.

The sad part is they still don’t get it — they have new proposals to increase the state income taxes, and impose more fees on businesses. They can not understand why the income tax revenues are off, which will increase our deficit. Bulletin!   

It is because people are leaving the state, including those quote “rich people” that they are always criticizing. Every economic expert, has stated unless we change our attitude toward business and taxes we will continue our downward spiral.

The choice is theirs, let’s hope they come to their senses.

Dick Moccia