Letter: State government is our last line of defense against moral debauchery

To the Editor:

I am appalled Hope Wise, chairman of the Ridgefield Republican Town Committee, would write such puerile and juvenile comments in her GOP Viewpoint endorsement.

About Democratic opponent Will Haskell, “I wouldn’t send him to Stop & Shop,” that’s good as he has far more important things to do than carry her water. And of Aimee Berger-Girvalo, “organizing buses for activists wearing pink hats,” said organizing nationwide created the largest peaceful protests ever. Arguably even more “bigly” crowds than Trump’s inaugural numbers.

As the saying goes “the fish rots from the head down,” apparently Ms. Wise has embraced the odious incivility and personal attack M.O. of her leader, Trump. So this election indeed does have something to do with him.

All midterms are by degree a reflection of the party in power and this one is no different.

This election is very much about what Donald Trump is doing to this country and who is helping him.

State government is our last line of defense against the overreach and moral debauchery oozing out of this current administration.

Offensive that Ms. Wise thinks youth, commitment, hard work, energy and promise are disqualifiers. Lazy, myopic and entrenched are far more threatening.

Dawn Fawcett

Olmstead Lane, Nov. 4