Letter: St. Stephen’s banner spreads message of love

To the Editor: 

I would like to commend the people of St. Stephen’s Parish in Ridgefield for their wonderful “Love Thy Neighbor” banner displayed on Main Street. It’s very comforting in these anxious and xenophobic times to be reminded of what Jesus said when asked which was the greatest commandment. The first was to love the Lord with all your heart and soul and mind, but the second was to love our neighbor. And when asked just who was our neighbor, His answer was everyone. Not just the people we liked or lived near or who looked and acted like us, but everyone.

In recent years, many people, especially young people, have turned away from Christianity because they saw so-called “Christians” promoting hatred, intolerance and discrimination against certain groups of people. This goes against everything Jesus taught us. We needed to be reminded of just what Christianity really means and what Christians need to do in order to be true to their faith. Thank you again for reminding us.

Janet and Bill Zaccarelli