Letter: St. Stephen’s banner reminds us to look beyond differences

To the Editor:

I am writing in response to a letter in the Oct. 19 issue of The Press.

I like the banner in front of St. Stephen’s. It went up at a time when leaders in this country began touting hatred, discrimination, and reluctance to help others in need, at home and abroad. The banner reminds us that once we get beyond the differences of culture, race, religion, and economic resources, we are all, deep down, the same, with the same fears, needs and desires. The wealthy, as much as any of us, may need special concern. Sometimes those who are wealthiest economically are the neediest in other areas.

So I commend their courage and applaud their message of love, particularly in the current climate of distrust and fear.

Suzanne MacAvoy

Wilton Road West, Oct. 25