Letter: Speed kills!

To the Editor:

My wife and I write this letter to the editor on behalf of the residents of Rockwell Road (aka the drag strip between Routes 33 and 102). Like many roads in Ridgefield, Rockwell is twisty and has many turns as well as being hilly with limited sight lines. There are hidden drives, one of which is my son, daughter-in-law’s, and grandson’s, and I hold my breath (as they do) backing out of their driveway when I visit as cars, trucks, and motorcycles reach speeds of 50 mph on this narrow road. It is a dangerous situation and impacts the walkers and school bus stops as well. Several remedies, more signage for hidden drives, stronger police presence (they set up speed traps on 116 and North Avenue — why not here?) potentially speed bumps and having the road department trim back the foliage to provide better sight lines more frequently than it is presently done.  

Perhaps a large-scale driver education and enforcement of current laws is called for in the town of Ridgefield, as it is not only Rockwell that I have seen this type of behavior exhibited but all throughout town. There seems to be a sense that motorists can pick and choose what speed limit they want to follow with total disregard for the legally posted ones.  

To us this is a matter of respect. Showing respect for the families that live and work in Ridgefield by acting in a responsible manner.  

Michael and Marie Londrigan

Rockcrest Drive, Oct. 8