Letter: Smart traveler

To the Editor:

Most people in Ridgefield know that our Ridgefield Visiting Nurse Association (RVNA) offers professional healthcare services, but not many take advantage of RVNA’s Travel Health Services program. To ensure that our recent trip to Europe would be a joyous experience and not fraught with exposure to disease or the dreaded gastro distress, we met with RVNA nurse April Rodriguez who provided an itinerary-specific health consultation, including recommended vaccines and safe food/water practices. Our face-to-face consultation at RVNA even included a tour of the impressive new facility on Governor Street.

Prior to our trip to China in 2014, the RVNA staff administered vaccinations and provided valuable information on air quality for the specific regions in China where we were traveling.  A friend of ours availed himself of this worthwhile service before going to Africa earlier this year. The RVNA consultation was a safeguard that helped to shield him from potential disease and distress.

Not only do RVNA’s Travel Medicine Specialists provide information, immunizations and prescriptions that greatly reduce the chances of contracting illnesses, they provide peace of mind.  No one wants a highly anticipated trip derailed by illness and possible lingering effects upon returning home. Before you venture out of the country, consider taking advantage of RVNA’s Travel Health Services.  

Susan Dumont-Bengston

John Bengston