Letter: Skate club should reconsider location

To the Editor: 

Earlier this year, we experienced firsthand the anxiety brought about by a proposal to implant a commercial business in a designated residential neighborhood. In that case, it was  Mountainside’s proposal to establish a rehabilitation facility directly next door to us on Old West Mountain Road where there was little infrastructure to support it. The impact of increased traffic, well water demand, reliance on septic and the potential drainage encroachment on wetlands could not be denied. The concern extended to the constant turnover of transients in a family neighborhood teeming with children. Fortunately, Mountainside yielded to the community uproar and withdrew their proposal.

Members of the Peaceable Neighbors Alliance are now facing a similar struggle to preserve their environment and quality of life. They are objecting to a proposal for a primarily outdoor commercial enterprise with operations extending into the late evening. In addition to the issues related to traffic, well water, septic, wetlands and decreased property values, residents will have to endure other hardships. They will not be able to buffer themselves and escape from the noise pollution and light infringement that are the trademarks of outdoor ice-hockey rinks. During off hours, they will also be exposed to the continuous noise and disruption of the ice maintenance equipment and snow clearing operations.

The applicant should reconsider his choice of location for the skate club and select a more appropriate commercial setting. While a skate club could be a welcome asset to Ridgefield, it should not be operating to the detriment of any established residential neighborhood where owners have made significant investment with the expectation that their quality of life would continue undisturbed. That is their right. Be heard on this issue as if you lived next door.

Chuck & Françoise Lampe

Old West Mountain Road, Aug. 28