Letter: Sewer use fee?

To the Editor:

I am somewhat pleased that the WPCA appropriation was approved (can’t say it was a landslide), else the taxpayers would possibly be throwing eleven million dollars away. I am extremely displeased the town did not come forth before the vote, and announce intentions to revise the method to pay for it. The eight million dollars paid by all taxpayers for an entity that is part of the town’s infrastructure is acceptable.

However, the “sewer use fee”? To expect a single person living alone to pay $80 per month for processing waste water versus one person of a family of five paying $16 per month for the identical service is absolutely absurd. That will be the essence of the “sewer use fee” in the near future.

The current “sewer use fee” formula is flawed and extremely inequitable. The improvements to the waste treatment have been voted to go forward, which is positive for the town, but the formulation of the “sewer use fee” must be changed. Changed to an actual “usage” fee. Voice it to the town and get it changed!

John West

Abbott Avenue, Nov. 10