Letter: Sewer plant funding fairness

To the Editor:

It’s not fair that $8 million of the new sewer plant be paid by all Ridgefield homeowners both outside and inside the sewer district.

I already own an expensive septic system, live outside the sewer district, and also pay indirectly for the town sewer system with all the goods and services I purchase in town.

Best way to fund the new sewer plant is to charge the $8 million mentioned above to commercial property owners in the sewer district, because they will pass it through to anyone and everyone who uses Ridgefield as a marketplace for goods and services.

This would include shoppers from New York and neighboring Connecticut towns who enjoy many of the benefits of Ridgefield but pay no Ridgefield taxes.

Let’s be fair and pass along this $8 million sewer district utility charge to the businesses that can attach it as a small portion of the cost of goods or services they profit from.

A fair approach to funding!

Rich Fasanelli

Gay Road, Sept. 23