Letter: Sewer meeting created more unanswered questions

To the Editor:

I attended the public information session concerning the $48 million sewer question. You would think two weeks before the vote, the WPCA would have every “T” crossed and every “I” dotted.  

That is not the case.  

I came away from the meeting with more unanswered questions than answers. There is still no good explanation how the Board of Selectmen and WPCA arrived at an $8-million assessment to septic owners.  

The best we heard was the former town engineer picked it out of thin air. It was not his decision to make. This was a Board of Selectmen decision to make, after lots of public discussion and public input; in other words, it should have been done transparently.  

If it had been done in public, septic users would never have allowed this to go forward. The only way we can now get that transparency is to defeat this boondoggle and then start over — in public.  

Vote “no” on Tuesday, Nov. 6.

Ed Tyrrell

Pond Road, Oct. 22