Letter: Sewer expansion is a wolf in sheep’s clothing

To the Editor:

I have known Rudy Marconi for many years and I am an acquaintance of Marty Handshy, the developer. I am also a contractor myself.    

After reading the article about the sewer expansion on Route 35 for the new “senior park” units all I can say is this is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

This wasn’t a good idea a few years ago when the selectmen were approached and it’s as bad an idea now.

If, as Rudy says, septics only have a finite life and the sewer doesn’t then he needs to write a check to the town for $48 million to pay for the sewer plant upgrade that we are being required to construct.

Marty Handshy says he wants to do what is best for the town but it seems more that he sees the addition of 24 more units that he and his partner get to sell and pocket the profit.

Without the sewer expansion, they can’t build on the area where the septic, the reserve area and the setbacks to them are. Not only that but the properties that abut them aren’t viable for construction.

This doesn’t even consider the discussion about the current traffic on Route 35. It can take 15 minutes to travel from Limestone Road to Farmingville Road.

Thanks to our state government we can’t stop the 8-30g application but we certainly can stop the expansion of it.

It also amazes me that Selectman Zemo is a part of this conversation. He is by far the largest developer in town with projects of this nature throughout Ridgefield. He is here instructing the developer how to do things when it could turn around to create precedence for other projects.  Isn’t this a conflict of interest?

Neal Hicks

Mountain Road, Jan. 7