Letter: Several previous student walkout claims were incorrect, twisted

To the Editor:

Recent letters to The Ridgefield Press have made several incorrect claims about Ridgefield High School and its students’ response to the Parkland, Florida mass shooting. As a student at RHS, I feel obligated to present the correct information.

Claim: The March 14 student walk at RHS was a call “for the banning of guns.”

Fact: The March 14 event was intended to memorialize the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting victims and involved taking a 17 minute walk around Tiger Hollow for the 17 people who were killed. It had no stance on guns and was simply to show solidarity with a school that had experienced an unspeakable tragedy.

Claim: The April 20 walkout showed that, “Once again, the Ridgefield High School finds itself playing politics and encouraging students to leave school to participate in an Anti Gun rally.”

Fact: RHS did not promote attendance at the March 20 event. Any students who left school to participate were to be marked as absent without excuse. What RHS said is that parents who wished could call their children in as absent and students would be held accountable for all missed assignments, per the RHS student parent handbook.

Claim: Responses at RHS to the Parkland shooting showed a “political agenda” in the RHS administration.

Fact: The March 14 solidarity walk and the April 20 walkout were planned by students, and no political side is held above another in the school climate. Students decided to place approved posters supporting gun rights and the second amendment next to ones displaying walkout information in the hallways.

Students are expressing their first amendment right to assembly and know that they are accountable for their actions. It is harmful to our nation to spread false information to support a political agenda. Please support your arguments with real facts.

Evan Kaye

RHS Class of 2021