Letter: Separate wetlands board is necessary to guard natural resources

To the Editor:

If you care about clean water in your well, if you care about preserving habitat for wetland creatures, if you care about keeping the wetland areas open for the sake of their natural beauty, then please be sure to vote next Tuesday and vote 'yes' on question 10 of the town referendum.  

This will likely be the only chance we Ridgefielders have to create a separate Ridgefield Inland Wetlands Commission whose sole responsibility will be to guard these natural resources.  Then we will be able to vote for members who are qualified and interested in protecting our water resources.

It is worth noting that 96 percent of Connecticut towns have thought wetlands and waterways important enough to establish separate Inland Wetland Commissions. Why not Ridgefield?

The Democratic Town Committee supports this yes vote on all the local referendum items.

And if you care about open land and parkland in Connecticut as a whole, vote "yes" on proposition number 2 on the statewide ballot (upper right).  

This will prevent the Ct. legislature from disposing of state land without due process.

Helen Dimos

Barlow Mountain Road, Oct. 29