Letter: Sense and sensibility

To the Editor:

I am grateful for all the wonderful things that our town has to offer; small town charm and natural beauty being very high on the list.

More important to me is the greater community of caring citizens, and specifically, my neighbors. My next-door neighbors and I have direct and open discussions before doing anything that may affect our neighbors’ sensibilities. Landscaping, tree removal, fences, tree houses, all things that are lawfully within a landowners right, are just a few things that may be discussed. We have even talked about the potential of solar panels.

We have discussed roof-mounted panels and solar shingles, the aesthetics, practicality, and how we would feel if either one of us should move forward with such an installation. This is the kind of caring and empathy I consider being a good neighbor.

So, when I learned of the problem that my friends are facing on Canterbury Lane, it was a shock.

The owners of a new home being built next door are constructing an enormous, industrial-sized, ground-based solar panel array along the edge of their property line, mere feet from our friends’ home.

The lot in question is four acres and the shame here is that the array was positioned specifically so it would not be visible from the new homeowner’s windows. It is, however, right in view of my friend’s.

I am asking all the citizens of our great town to imagine how you would feel if your neighbor did this to you. It could happen!

Laws generally have to catch up with technology, and this is certainly the case here.

I ask the Board of Selectmen to pass an ordinance to regulate these types of solar arrays. None of us are against clean energy, but hopefully all are against unneighborly behavior.

Ken Muller

Pheasant Lane, Dec. 9