Letter: Senior citizen homeowners deserve a ‘fair share’ tax break

To the Editor:

It’s morally wrong and preposterous that the Board of Selectmen and the Board of Finance will not carve out a “fair share” tax break for all senior citizen homeowners.

It could easily be designed based on the past number of years paying real estate taxes and age — for example — 65 years old and 20 years paying Ridgefield taxes receives a 10% tax break. More years will get you a larger discount — easy to design.

Please note, senior citizens make up 15% of Ridgefield’s population and they deserve a fair share of the town’s tax revenue collected. Ridgefield provides homeowners with school children an outstanding educational opportunity, spending well beyond what the law mandates.

So why can’t all senior citizen homeowners get their fair share? Why?

All senior citizen homeowners need a “fair share” of Ridgefield’s taxes collected and they need to stand together to fight this current injustice.

Rich Fasanelli

Gay Road, July 13