Letter: Sen. Murphy’s statement is hypocritical, borderline fictional

To the Editor:

On April 7, Sen. Murphy issued a statement, that if did not come from a U.S. senator could best be described as fictional literature.  

He blamed the president for slaughtering civilians, and being immoral hypocrite and, of course, the left’s mantra: he is stopping refugees.   

The president has been in office for less than 100 days, and his policies are still being developed, but Murphy attacked him.  

President Obama had eight years to develop a policy on Syria. Does anyone know what that was? Other than the line in the sand.  

Question: Sen. Murphy, how did that work out for the Syrian people? As far as unauthorized attacks or the killing of civilians.

Let’s look at President Obama’s record. Remember the drone strikes? Here are some stats.   Under President Obama there were 456 reported drones strikes. The number of total killed varies depending on what report you read. In Pakistan 2,438-3,942 total reported killed, including 416-959 civilians. In Yemen, 3-7 killed. Somalia: 18-102 killed. That is only drone attacks, it does not cover the hundreds killed in covert operations.

Senator, did you call these actions immoral? If you did, I missed it.  

To sum it up, the question people should ask: Who is the real hypocrite?

Dick Moccia