Letter: Scotland School principal, you’re making a mistake

To the Editor:

I spent 25 years teaching fourth grade in Ridgebury School. I used my own money to purchase enrichment materials for my pupils and was able to leave many items for my successor. I could have coped being shifted to another grade, but if an opening for a fourth grade teacher was available in another school, I would have applied for it even though I preferred Ridgebury.

Scotland principal, you’re making a mistake. Teachers who have taught in one grade for several years know the age group and are familiar with their interests and abilities. They have collected age appropriate enrichment materials for the curriculum and the children’s interests. It will take them at least a year to become familiar with the age group and begin to develop enrichment material for the grade. If some can move to another school to remain in the same grade, good luck to them.

I’m 91 and remember fondly the years I spent with the nine- to 11-year-olds. They were enthusiastic learners. With each new class I met delightful children and adapted my teaching to their needs and personalities. I’m glad that I was allowed to remain in fourth grade.

Principal, please reconsider. You’re inviting chaos to Scotland School.

Jane Maxson

Wakefield, R.I., June 4