Letter: School start times change makes it harder for kids and parents

To the Editor:

There have been many arguments about whether they should change the Ridgefield Public Schools start times, and I, a student of Scotts Ridge Middle School, think it is unnecessary to do this. Many other students agree with my opinion.

The first reason why they shouldn't change the school start times is it affects activities. Making some schools end so late allows less free time because your activities could take up some of the small amount of time after school. This causes many students to stress about homework and other important things. Also, it makes it hard for all the people who run the activities to reschedule them maybe at the same time of another activity you do.

The second reason why I think they shouldn't change the start times is because it creates less time to study and do homework. With the moving of activities, we won't have enough time to study because school ends too late. Many times I barely have time after school, but if they change the school start times I basically will not have time to go study or do homework, and will possibly have to skip lots of my fun activities. I would do poorly in school if I didn't have enough time. Even though you have the morning, some people might have other things to do or wouldn't like to wake up and then study. Studying or doing homework in the morning might make people rush and make them feel nervous that they could be late to school or not finish.

My final reason why they shouldn't change the start times is that many students' parents have to go to work and they might have to be alone for a long time. Some kids in elementary and middle school, who have to start school around 9 and 10 o'clock will most likely have to wait if their parents have to usually leave around 7 or 8 o'clock. This could cause kids to be late to school, or miss the bus, and have no one to drive them. Also, some kids don't have phones or don't know any numbers so if kids need something they don't have anyone to help them.

One more thing is if there are any accidents, they won't have anyone to help them. In conclusion, there are many things that can affect students and this is why I think they shouldn't change the start times.  

Henry Whitehouse

Ridgefield Boy Scout, Troop 431

Editor’s note: This letter was submitted in November before the Board of Education’s decision not to implement later start times for the 2019-20 school year. We apologize for the delay in running this submission.