Letter: Schlumberger sabotage

To the Editor:

I read with dismay the article in last week’s paper concerning the arts groups in Town organizing to sabotage the work of the Schlumberger Citizens Committee. The Committee held 18 meetings, conducted two surveys with 2300 respondents, and took input from every interest group. Our recommendation, which reflected the will of the people, was for a cultural center with an outdoor stage. Now certain members of the arts community are doing everything possible to sabotage the will of the people.

One made up a story saying the town would need to hire a promoter. That is entirely fiction, created by someone to kill the amphitheater. It is right out of Trump’s playbook. Make up fake facts and keep repeating them. No one will hold you accountable. However, Ridgefield will hold you accountable.  

The two leaders of the sabotage effort attended a committee meeting on Nov. 23, 2015.  Both were effusive in their support of an outdoor stage at Schlumberger. One said we would need 500 parking spaces. The other said she would love to be involved with an outdoor stage for Shakespeare performances. She said it would be a huge economic driver for the Town and it would be great if Parks and Rec managed it. No mention of an outside promoter.

What changed during the last two and a half years? They want to ensure their organizations face no competition for attendees or charitable contributions. Forget about the will of the people.  They care about their projects and the prestige it brings them. We do not matter.

The people wanted an outdoor stage. You should carefully weigh whether or not these organizations deserve you support. Maybe your charitable contributions would have more of an impact if you gave to the Dorothy Day Hospitality House or the Women’s Center in Danbury.

Ed Tyrrell

Pond Road, June 11