Letter: Same event, different conclusions

To the Editor:

Funny how a single event viewed by different people can lead to such divergent conclusions.

I was reminded of just such an occasion while reading a recent letter to this paper from a Ms. Lavelle.

I recall being stunned to observe a presidential candidate standing before an observing nation, if not entire planet, and declaring that he could go out on a famous New York avenue and shoot down an innocent pedestrian and that would not perturb his supporters at all. So that there was no mistaking his meaning, he finger-fired off a round or two at the invisible innocent.

My reaction was, ‘Good Lord, it it possible to more outrageously insult one’s audience?’ The man has just stated, and demonstrated, that there is no act — however evil — that would cost him his followers’ support. This man, not generally known for his allegiance to truth, truly believes what he said. And so did I.

Ms. Lavelle, however, apparently revelled in her acceptance as one of this man’s adoring acolytes. Else why that apologia on behalf of him? Surely, she has earned her place as the local poster lady for that minority who stand firm behind a man who views them as well short of flattering.

I’m often reminded these days of that wise little raccoon of yesteryear who, upon emerging from the deep woods, exclaimed knowingly, “We have met the enemy and it is us!”

God help America!

Sherwin Kane

Midrocks Road, March 20