Letter: SALT cap will impact residents regardless of who is governor

To the Editor:

In the latest GOP Viewpoint in the Ridgefield Press, Joe Savino blames the CT Democratic leadership for failing to recruit new business, poor business climate, high taxes, cost of energy, and even the loss of population, providing a long list of poor CT rankings mostly attributed to our tax burden.  

However, he forgot to list the recently approved Trump GOP budget, known as Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, which limits state and local tax (SALT) deductions at $10,000.  

As recently reported in The Hartford Courant, the Government Finance Officers Association estimated that 41% of Connecticut taxpayers claimed a deduction for state income and local property taxes of $19,664 (2015 latest figures), which would roughly be a loss of about $2,800 in federal refunds. Because of the financial problems facing CT, Mr. Savino asks for changes at all levels of CT state government, “not only at the highest level of governor.”  

One must also assume he means all levels of the federal government, starting at the highest level of president.

PA Torzilli

Old Sib Road, Sept. 9