To the Editor:
Rather than advocating for our town, Rudy has chosen to be a mouthpiece of the Hartford Democrats by supporting tolls that will negatively impact Ridgefield’s roads, traffic, property values, neighborhoods and quality of life.
In his Press interview, Rudy explains his logic for supporting tolls.
Rudy mentions tolls being a “no-brainer”. Rudy never mentions the fact that the State of Connecticut today collects over $1.5 billion annually in the state transportation fund through the fifth highest gas tax in the country and other excessive motor vehicle fees. What if Connecticut actually spent all that money on transportation needs? We would not need new taxes, tolls or bonding. That is a real no-brainer.
Rudy mentions pension costs coming to Ridgefield but does not question why the Hartford Democrats refuse to fix the employee contracts and reduce other expenses that drive this cost.
Rudy doesn’t mention the impact on traffic. The proposed tolls will significantly increase Ridgefield traffic. Start with Ridgebury and Exit 1 off 684. Today, commuter traffic goes down Ridgebury Road, up Shadow Lake, then through the Beaver Brook neighborhood coming out on George Washington Highway to the Danbury Mall. Today, 15,000-20,000 cars drive Rt. 7/35 into Ridgefield, both in morning and evening. Drivers use WAZE today to shortcut onto High Ridge and other Ridgefield roads increasing traffic. Just consider what happens when drivers try to navigate Ridgefield to avoid tolls
These situations will get worse if Rudy, Sen. Haskell and the Hartford Democrats vote for tolls. Our future is more traffic, declining property values and quality of life.
Yes, Connecticut is in poor financial shape. Tell the Democrats to cut state spending. Every family in Connecticut does it, every business does it, why not Connecticut government?
Just say “no” to tolls.
Joe Savino
St. Johns Road, May 6