Letter: Route 35 project needs more workers to finish faster

To the Editor:

New York has announced that the new three-mile-long Tappan Zee Bridge will open ahead of the originally planned completion date.  

The $3-billion project started in 2014. Compare that the to the length of time it is taking the State to finish the bridge on 35. The latest completion date appears to be December of this year, so it will be 2 years plus.

The bridge over the River Kwai didn't take that long.   

Of course, they had more men working on it.  

The DOT stated that they would put more signs up. My suggestion is to get the contractor to add more workers. Many I have talked to, state that when they drive by, they only see two to three men working.   

Also, more traffic control agents are needed, one should be at Founders Hall entrance to stop the backup to keep cars from blocking the box.   

Same goes for Farmingville — traffic should not be controlled by the light, but by a traffic agent.  That, of course, would cost the contractor money. Such changes would require the DOT to do some managing, which they do not have a great history of.  

Finally, to those who believe that tolls will be the answer to all our problems, do you really want to entrust the bureaucrats in Harford, including the DOT with hundreds of millions of more dollars to waste, while tying up traffic on our roads?   

Remember what they did with the monies when we previously had tolls, right into the pork barrel.  

Think about it.

Dick Moccia