Letter: Ridgefield without a Discovery Center?

To the Editor:
About 20 years ago, one of the best things I ever purchased was a very reasonable family membership to the Discovery Center at Ridgefield. We would get their monthly flyer and eagerly circle the programs that sounded fun, and fit our schedules. Over the years, we participated in many events: owl prowls, astronomy sleepovers, the Ghosts of Ridgefield, Lego contests, nature hikes, eagle viewing, Scout badge programs, and square dancing, to name a few. The Discovery Center got our whole family outdoors, exercising and getting fresh air while learning about nature, science or local history, and having fun. Even as grown adults, my children still enjoy hiking, snowshoeing, bird watching, and other outdoor adventures introduced to them by the Discovery Center.
From satisfied customer, I went on to volunteer at programs and served as a board member for many years, which was tremendously rewarding. What fun we had dressing up as historical characters from Ridgefield’s past, viewing the wonders in the night skies, and teaching outdoor skills to Scouts! Therefore, I am dismayed to hear that the organization is severely short on volunteers, and is at the point where it cannot continue without new helping hands.
If you value this organization, and can’t imagine Ridgefield without its “nature center without walls,” please contact the Discovery Center at info@ridgefielddiscovery.org or 203-438-1063 and offer your help.
Allison Archambault
Ramapoo Road, Jan. 25