Letter: Ridgefield should welcome winter club with open arms

To the Editor:

I am writing to support the approval for the Ridgefield Winter Club. After reading about its mission and the scope of its programs, I believe Ridgefield should welcome this business with open arms.

This business will enhance Ridgefield on many levels. It is a business owned by a community-minded family, it will bring needed tax revenue to the town, and it will keep a lot of money in the local economy. It is not owned by a distant conglomerate and it offers wholesome, family-oriented programs. It is not another bank or restaurant. The RWC will beautify a location that has been declining for years and it provides a use that conforms to existing zoning laws. Also, it is on the periphery of the residential area, in close proximity to Route 35, negating the need for traffic to roam the neighborhoods.

This property will not remain dormant and the alternatives are not positive. It could very likely be targeted for a large-scale, mixed-use development that stretches the parameters of the affordable housing laws to gain massive profits.

I urge the town to approve the Ridgefield Winter Club and support the Brown family. They are willing to invest in something that reflects Ridgefield values and promotes the economic development of the town within the proper venue — free enterprise that conforms to local values and interests.

Jeanmarie McLean

Ridgecrest Drive