Letter: Ridgefield sees persistent demonstrations of intolerance

To the Editor:

Are we really the safest city in Connecticut (Safewise.com)? Does it matter that haters desecrate Ballard Park’s playground with racist, fascist and anti-Semitic graffiti? What about that Jewish family’s car sprayed with a swastika in their Ridgefield driveway? Remember that cross burned on the lawn of that famous black comedian’s newly-purchased home? Like the rest of America, Ridgefield sees persistent, ever-shocking demonstrations of intolerance and hatred.

Even the obtuse see the resurgence of the fascist-ically ruthless prodded by our hate crimes president. Are you thinking you don’t need to take a stand? Does it matter if we merely regret the crisis to Democracy? Is it enough that Chris Murphy, Richard Blumenthal and Jim Himes play defense for us? Or, do we need to become activists?

Are you afraid? Do you speak out; give money to threatened causes? Do you put feet on the ground for the persistent resistance? Does it matter if we merely regret the present state of affairs? “Good Germans” went along with Hitler. John Frey, a delegate at the Republican Convention, cast his vote for No. 45. Are we colluders if we don’t act, speak up, and stand for the justice our country is pledged to honor?

Suzanne Benton

Donnelly Drive, Aug. 17