Letter: Ridgefield representatives are personable and articulate

To the Editor:

It was a packed house for the March 11 ‘Meet your legislators’ event hosted by the Ridgefield League of Women Voters. The majority in attendance expressing concern that what is happening in Washington to gut the EPA, roll back important environmental legislation, target minorities and immigrants and repeal health care will adversely affect our state.  What, if anything, will our representatives do to push back?

I listened carefully to Sen. Boucher and Reps. Frey and Ferguson and left feeling confident of two things. First, our local Ridgefield representatives are personable, articulate politicians. Second, their voting records and positions on key issues are alarming. So far, our town representative has been in the minority when voting against issues such as protecting victims of domestic violence, early and absentee voting, prohibiting discrimination based on gender identity or expression, raising the minimum wage, same-sex marriage, and the promotion of renewable energy. But we need local representatives who will passionately support these issues, not combat them. We need a senator and representatives who understand that health care is a right and will actively work to mitigate GOP threats to make health care less accessible and less affordable. Connecticut does not benefit when we send representatives to Hartford who support a Ryan/Trump agenda.

Bethany Agliardo