Letter: Ridgefield priorities — not

To the Editor:

Under the proposed budgets, we will, once again, be living beyond our means. And because $5 million in capital expense has been proposed, we will be increasing our long term debt. And this is before punitive federal and state tax laws take effect next year.

For $500,000, we aim to build a new parking lot. Why? Because there are no parking spaces on and around Main Street. And why is that? I suggest people working in town, park in town. So will those people park in the new parking lot? Or will would-be shoppers be forced to park there and be expected to walk the distance to Main Street? I think — before building another parking lot — assigned parking should be introduced.

We are backing into state changes to our lovely Main Street. By adding turning lanes and lining up Prospect St. with the CVS entrance, the State aim is to speed up traffic through town while we should want traffic to slow down through town. Bad plans.

Right plans: Traffic humps and more safety signage at all pedestrian crossings on 35, a traffic light at the recreation center, signage at the 7/35 fork suggesting through traffic continue on Route 7.

The RHS sports director has suggested that students will need to skip classes to make away games. While I understand sports are important for many reasons, the emphasis should be on scholastics. I pay taxes for great education, not great sports.

So, are Ridgefield’s priorities in the right place?

Think about this as you attend the Annual Town and Budget meeting on May 7 and you cast a vote on the 2018-2019 budgets later in the year. The sky won’t fall if you vote all or part of the budgets down to send a message that some of these things just don’t make sense at this time.

Jan Rifkinson

New Road, April 27