Letter: Ridgefield drivers, get a grip of yourselves and slow down

To the Editor:

While on Ramapoo the other day, a deer crossed the street. I was thrilled to know it had survived the yearly deer slaughter. Then, as they often do, her fawn crossed the street in pursuit of her scent. Moments later several cars came speeding along. Lucky doe and fawn, at least that time.

Most of our heavily-populated neighborhoods are traversed by narrow-winding roads. Who uses these roads? Bicyclists, joggers, and people walking dogs — or kids in strollers. Our wildlife uses them, too.

Despite a 25 mile per hour limit, many drivers travel at speeds well in excess of the limit. We can't control the New York drivers but Ridgefield drivers, get a grip of yourselves and slow down!

Wildlife note: This time of year animals thought of as nocturnal (raccoon, fox, etc.) may be seen during daylight hours. This behavior does not indicate illness; they are nursing females foraging for additional food supply.

Julie Schmidt