Letter: Ridgefield Winter Club isn’t like others in area

To the Editor:

The Ridgefield Winter Club is comparing its model to the New Canaan Winter Club (NWC) and Greenwich Skating Club.  

The thing is RWC is not comparable to the New Canaan Winter Club nor the Greenwich Skating Club. The NWC was built in 1957 on land that was owned by New Canaan Country Day. Hardon Pond, a long-time popular skating pond, is open in conjunction with NWC on their property when weather permits. The pond was there and being used extensively for skating before NWC was built. The rink is surrounded by New Canaan Country Day School, staff housing and housing owned by NWC for their Hockey Director.  

Greenwich Skating Club was built in 1954 and is surrounded by Greenwich Country Day School, Greenwich Country Club, Greenwich Baptist Church, Central Middle School, Greenwich High School, Christ Church Greenwich, North Street School, etc. Both of these clubs were built in areas that already had traffic, outdoor lighting, etc.  

The Ridgefield Winter Club would be built in the middle of a residential neighborhood on residentially zoned land. The land is surrounded by Peaceable Refuge, wetlands, an abundance of animals including fox, bobcat, bear, purple martin birds, etc. and residential homes.  

This land is not surrounded by commercial properties like NWC and GSC.  

The NWC web site boasts “Ah!!!  The swoosh of a blade, the crack of a puck against the boards…these melodious sounds can be heard from as children and adults alike take to the ice at The New Canaan Winter Club.”

These sounds do not belong right in the middle of a residential neighborhood. Let’s stop comparing apples to oranges. Visit www.peaceableneighbors.com for more information.

Jenn Hansen

Old South Salem Road, Aug. 7