Letter: Ridgefield Hearts on Main Street

To the Editor:

With the passing of our dear friend Doris Ventres it has become quite difficult to keep track of the men and women with Ridgefield ties who are deployed to an active military zone. Recently we took down all of the “flag hearts” on Main Street. If you have a family member whose heart was on Main Street and you would like the heart, please let us know.

Our family would be proud to continue putting up hearts to honor these brave men and women. If you have a family member with ties to Ridgefield who is deployed to an active military zone and would like a heart on Main Street, please send us an email at RidgefieldHearts@gmail.com. Be sure to include their name and rank as you would like it to be displayed on the heart. We will keep the heart up for as long as they are deployed. Upon their return home, please email us and we will take the heart down and get it to you.

Thank you to all of the military families who sacrifice so much so that we may live free.

Dorian Peckham