Letter: Reporting, not distorting

To the Editor:

State Representative John Frey made several disparaging personal accusations in The Ridgefield Press (2/14/2019). All the accusations are untrue.

Representative Frey’s accusations relate to five short articles published by the Ridgefield Democratic Town Committee (“DTC”) that report, refute, or question his record/actions. The articles are well-sourced, verified, and fact-checked. Contrary to Representative Frey’s accusations, the articles contain no “distortions,” “personal, polarizing attacks,” or “non-factual, twisted campaign rhetoric.” Ridgefielders can easily confirm the accuracy and fairness of the articles and the hollowness of Representative Frey’s accusations. The articles are collected under “Reporting, Not Distorting” at https://www.ridgefielddems.net/. I invite you to spend just a few minutes reading these reports so you may judge for yourself.

Representative Frey and his surrogates often respond to critiques of his record/actions with accusations. But they have never identified a specific DTC-published claim they dispute. They have never offered evidence that any claim is false or misleading. They have never responded to the substance of any claim or question. Instead they baselessly accused.

Representative Frey is understandably angry his appearance was mocked during the election. I genuinely sympathize. Such tactics are loathsome and unacceptable. But they did not come from me or the DTC. When we learned of such tactics, other DTC officers and I immediately contacted the organizations behind them and demanded they stop (they did). We share in the disgust over such tactics. But neither I nor the DTC knew of or were involved in such tactics.

Ridgefielders continue to demand an answer to the question that Representative Frey sought to deflect with his accusations. On 1/25/2019, the Republican National Committee, of which Representative Frey is a prominent member, voted unanimously to prevent primary challengers from impeding President Trump’s path to re-election. The DTC asked Representative Frey if he participated in that vote. Rather than simply answer “yes” or “no”, Representative Frey wrote a lengthy letter that claimed he is too busy to answer, unleashed several baseless personal accusations, and characterized his questioner as not realizing “the campaign is over.” Ridgefielders have a right to an answer.

I invite all Ridgefielders to visit www.ridgefielddems.net, read the short articles collected under “Reporting, Not Distorting,” and compare them to Representative Frey’s response.

Alex Harris

Ridgefield Democratic Town Committee, chair