Letter: Removing history course as graduation requirement is a mistake

To the Editor:

After hearing about the potential cutting of Global 1 History from RHS, I felt moved to speak up.

As a graduate of RHS, I had the opportunity to take a variety of classes and find my passions at RHS.

My sophomore year I took a genetics elective class and it was there where I discovered my love of genetics and was first introduced to the concept of bioethics, the field I hope to pursue. I am now at Clemson University studying genetics.

However, this is only a small piece.

As a STEM major, I can say that it is ridiculous RHS thinks it is a good idea to cut global 1. It is a class where I was able to learn about the world beyond the United States and our other like minded countries.

Moreover, taking a variety of classes allows a student to be a well educated and well rounded individual.

The humanities are just as important as any STEM major. I am also a philosophy minor, and find it equally as challenging and engaging as my STEM classes. Philosophy has improved my critical thinking and writing skills drastically while in college.

In college, there are specific general education requirements, including social studies, to ensure that students leave well rounded. RHS is hurting its students by taking away an opportunity for students to discover new passions and is only contributing to the divisiveness in our world today.

There may be some students who are very passionate about history or culture and you are taking away an opportunity from them and telling them that what they are interested in is not important, and that isn’t the kind of message we should be sending.

Please reconsider this decision.

Kendra Gordillo

Ridgefield High School, Class of 2017