Letter: Remember Little League in your year-end donations

To the Editor:

As Ridgefield’s oldest youth sports organization, we are a non-profit made up of volunteer moms and dads and are proud that we’ve never asked for help beyond player fees and our annual pancake breakfast. That’s been possible thanks to the tremendous support of Ridgefield families through the years.

Now, after more than 60 years of helping thousands of Ridgefield families and their children, we’re asking for your help on a very specific and special project: the new lighted field being built on Route 7.  

We are pleased to announce we recently kicked off our Campaign for Tomorrow’s Players and are asking for community-wide support to help us transform a vacant piece of property into something we know all of Ridgefield can be proud of for generations to come.  

In this season of giving, we hope you’ll remember Ridgefield Little League in your end-of-year charitable donations. For more information on the new field or the Campaign for Tomorrow’s Players, please visit RidgefieldLittleLeague.org or reach out to fundraising@ridgefieldlittleleague.org.

Steve Scalzo

Ridgefield Little League President

Dec. 11