Letter: Regionalization of schools is an intentional distraction

To the Editor:
School regionalization is all a distraction so the governor can “throw a bone” (regionalization) back while he sticks partial pension obligations onto the richer towns. A guy smart enough to get rich and be elected governor should know that regionalization would not fly in suburban towns so my thinking is this is a ploy to distract us from the new money extraction from suburban towns. If the issue is really efficiency, the state formulas can be adjusted and let the towns that do not want regionalization for administration efficiency pay for it locally and be voluntarily incentive to form regional districts where the local towns find that beneficial.
If Lamont were to draw a circle around the towns in our area and look at tax money outflows to Hartford and Hartford tax money returned to our towns, the net is a large amount of cash not returning to our Fairfield County towns. That balance of cash flow calculation can include teacher pensions earned in our towns.
I attended a listening meeting in Ridgefield Feb. 23 with our new state senator and the total focus for education was on the district boundaries and not on the additional cost burden proposed for teacher pensions. This is a negotiating tactic in my view and it is working for the governor. We need to watch the entire game board and not just one square (regionalization), to use some chess imagery.
The governor has a cheery personality and we should not love him for sticking the towns with an up until now state obligation for teacher pensions. How many of us will be grateful when he throws us this bone and drops the regionalization ploy? I won’t.
Scott DeYoung
Caudatowa Drive, Feb. 25