Letter: Regionalization bill is ill conceived

To the Editor:
The outcry over the proposed Looney bill on regionalization has caused an uproar. I am not being pejorative when I call it the Looney bill, because that is the name of the senator who introduced it. But because of its ill-conceived logic, it may be accurately named.
The idea that forcing school districts to merge is absurd. Ridgefield and other towns are already mobilizing to oppose this concept. This is a proposal pushed by Democrats over the years. So my question to the Democratic party and its officials: What is your public stand on the matter?
Democrats have routinely asked Republicans questions on policy on a national level that have nothing to do with local issues, including recent attacks on John Frey about his membership on the RNC. Do the Democrat party support the concept, that could involve our students traveling to other towns? Do they support taking the budget process out of the local taxpayers' hands and have it dictated to them for those on high in Hartford? How do we handle teacher negotiations? How do we handle special ed?
There are other issues, but answers to these questions would suffice.
Ridgefield and other communities must understand that his initial attempt is like the proverbial camel’s nose under the tent. This type bill will lead to more serious and drastic consequences for all of 169 towns in Connecticut. In conclusion, if you choose to answer, try not to shift the debate away from the issues and criticism of my party for exaggerating the situation. Let’s just have some answers.
Dick Moccia
Highcliff Terrace, Feb. 15