Letter: Reaction to planned development near rec center

To the Editor:

Mr. Handshy has expressed interest in the public’s opinion of his planned development along Danbury Road adjacent to the Recreation Center and Founders Hall. I live right across the street from his grandiose proposal and am categorically opposed to it.

The traffic and population density in this section of Danbury Road is already too heavy. Exiting and entering Fox Hill or the Recreation Center can take several minutes, as Danbury Road is the town’s main artery and there is only one lane heading in each direction. Thus further development in this already congested area will negatively impact everyone who traverses this corridor, which is Ridgefield’s entire population.

Mr. Handshy, don’t do this if you care about the quality of life in our town. And I beseech the town planners to deny his application. This nonsense of being held hostage by anyone who can bypass common sense zoning regulations by including “affordable” units needs to end. Enough is enough!

Linda Massie

Fox Hill, Jan. 5