Letter: RHS freshman should be commended for speaking out

To the Editor:

I want to give a huge shout-out to Lashawnna Mullins, the ninth grader who spoke so articulately about the recent incident at RHS reported in your article “Racist Photo Troubles Kids at High School.”  

Ms. Mullins is to be commended on her willingness to speak up and to speak out about what is the latest in a growing list of provocative manifestations of racism and anti-Semitism in our town.  

Clearly, these sorts of incidents cross the line of moral and ethical rectitude, a line that is slowly, methodically being rubbed out by those who feel it is their right to transgress social and cultural taboos relating to language, behavior, and expression. Indeed, divisive and destructive feelings of distrust, hate, and fear of “the other” are being cultivated in our country like a malignant crop.  

This latest incident reveals that there is much work to be done locally and nationally if we want to reap a harvest of tolerance, acceptance, and understanding.

Maggie Seligman

Clearview Drive, Dec. 25