Letter: Proposed draft of executive order for President Trump

To the Editor:

In accordance with Amendment II of the Constitution [“A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”], the following is an Executive Order to all agencies:

  1. Having occurred within the jurisdiction of a sovereign and free state, due deference, respect and cooperation is to be given to that State, its victims and its families;
  2. There will be no unnecessary communication that might inflame the situation;
  3. There shall be a thorough investigation relating to the event, the instrumentality used, the perpetrator’s conduct, his prior behavior, background, associations, social, family or other relevant history and facts.
  4. All agencies will report and make recommendations regarding (a) modification, change or institution of laws to the possible prevention of such events in the future; (b) possible detectable patterns of conduct, capture, detention and prosecution of any future perpetrator; (c) effective prohibition, or limitation to future manufacture, sale, ownership or possession of such instrumentality.
  5. Agency review will at a minimum, comprise review of existing or recommended policies concerning: (a) methods and means of information collection, reporting and sharing  concerning the mentally ill, especially encouraging robust sharing between and among students, parents, educators local agencies, communities and medical professionals; (b) effective, and humane treatment, care, supervision and, where necessary, confinement of the dangerous mentally ill;  (d) limiting, conditioning, and/or prohibiting the mentally ill, or any others evidencing actual or potential harmful intent, from possessing or obtaining similar instrumentality in the future, and, (e) taxing, regulating and/or banning similar instrumentality, except as shall be determined to be necessary protect the “bearing of arms. ... To protect the security of the free states” in “a well-regulated,” orderly manner.

John Tartaglia

Danbury Road, Feb. 16