Letter: Proposed affordable units are good for town

To the Editor:

There are many residents in Ridgefield who raised their families here and want to stay in Ridgefield in smaller,and more easily accessible apartments. There are not enough apartments for rent. The proposed new apartments on Governor/Prospect Ridge areas will also offer some special affordable rental units.  

We need more apartments, such as these that Steve Zemo is proposing to build in this area. We sold our house one year ago and moved into such a building that is owned and managed by Steve Zemo.  

We can tell you that the building is well run, the people who work here are pleasant, problems are handled immediately and courteously. Having an apartment on one floor with no stairs was urgent for us. Maintenance is attended to immediately, the building is clean, parking spots well kept and snow removed promptly. Town is close by and easily accessible by walking or driving.

Betty Kloth

Governor Street, Sept. 13