Letter: Proposed B&B lacks walkability, water

To the Editor: 

A Ridgefield B&B can be a good business in a centralized area of town where there is a public water supply, sidewalks, well-lit roads, shops and stores to walk by and close proximity to fire and police stations. None of this would be true for the proposed B&B on Circle Drive, a small family neighborhood where a large group of children play in the streets; there are no sidewalks.  The only scenic view is of each other's single family homes; there are no amenities.   

The water is provided by wells where, in the past, some have run dry.  

B&B guests will have to drive back from any in-town celebration to a dark street, hopefully obeying the 25 mph street speed limit.  

Since the proposal of the B&B there has been an increase in police activity due to suspicious incidents.

If the permit is approved it will stay with the land forever. In this post 9/11 times of uncertainty, we will be leaving this burden to our children and their children. While the B&B itself will gain many tax write offs, the surrounding homes face a decrease in property value along with all the uncertainty of transients passing through … forever.

Robert and Julianna Mitchell

Circle Drive, Sept. 25