Letter: Progressive mind-set puts nail in tax coffin

To the Editor:

State Rep. Toni Boucher wrote a fabulous editorial in the Nov. 30 issue about the exodus of people and companies from our state.  

Using undisputable facts and figures, she showed how the tax-and-spend attitude of this state for the last 20 or 30 years had gotten us into a very difficult position of needing to tax the middle class more as we drive the affluent and companies out, which only further erodes the overall tax base.

Being a few years from retirement, I know that I will have to move out of the state because of the taxes and high costs.  

I was born in Connecticut, raised here and raised my children here. And to top it all off, the value of my house has dropped because of the exodus, while most other areas in the country are on the rise. A house that I have worked hard to pay for, and rebuilt much of it myself, and was supposed to be an important part of my retirement finances. John Early’s letter on that same issue and the spec house article only go to reinforce that bad news.

I wish I could say I’m hopeful about the future for Connecticut, but Ridgefield just recently voted to put into office a larger majority of the party that more strongly believes in the strategy of tax-and-spend that got us into this position. And while I’m well aware that both parties are to blame for this mess over the long run, the more progressive mind-set of the current administration of Gov. Malloy has really put the nail in the coffin of raising our taxes and doing nearly nothing about curbing costs of the state.

Where is a Gov. Scott Walker when you need one?

Paul Builter

Mead Ridge Drive, Dec. 6