Letter: Program on heroin continues at library

To the Editor:

I didn’t realize how much I have to learn about opiate addiction, and what can be done to help prevent it, until I attended a fascinating Learn Through Film program at the library last week. Ridgefielder Alexandra Lehmann and moderator Samuel Williams, a drug rehabilitation counselor, used a unique dramatic film, Jesus’ Son, to effectively provoke a revealing  discussion about heroin addiction.

Opiate addiction is more and more often front page news in The Ridgefield Press. This program, however, provides a welcome opportunity for Ridgefielders to learn from one another how to better deal with addiction more effectively — as individual families and as a community.

By using film to involve the audience on a personal level, the discussion demonstrated the tremendous difficulty in dealing with this epidemic. I clearly saw the need for everyone to get involved. No one seems to be immune from this terrible blight.

I encourage all readers to drop in, tune in and talk up this innovative series at the Ridgefield Library as it continues on Feb. 15 and March 16.

Daniel T. Coleman Ph.D.