Letter: Previous letter not meant to smear

To the Editor:

In the Press on July 13, Linda Lavelle accused me of smearing several people.   

The first, Senator Susan Collins, I called a conservative. She calls herself a fiscal conservative and I consider myself a fiscal conservative and it is surely not a smear. I meant it as a compliment.   

Mrs. Lavelle, I do not smear!  

I may characterize individuals by their public statements. I called Jeff Sessions a white supremacist because his fellow senators refused to confirm him for an important post because of his racist remarks as an Alabama Attorney General. But I certainly side with Sessions in his recent troubles with Trump.

But Ms. Lavelle, you should be careful about Steve Bannon. He is evil. Which is why the Trump children have tried to distance their father from him.  

In the lead up to the election, I was given a subscription to the newsletter of the Tea Party who quoted extensively from alt-right authors including Bannon, then editor of Breitbart News. His material was intensely racist. For example, blacks should not be allowed to vote because they are mentally deficient, prevent immigration of non-whites, etc. Bannon was surely very important to the election success of Trump in his appeal to poor southerners and midwesterners who rightly feel ignored by both parties.

I agree with Ms. Lavelle that the Affordable Care Act needs considerable changes but it has provided care to millions more people and, most importantly, it has strengthened Medicaid for the poor and elderly.  

Let us preserve that feature.

How affordable care should be administered should be debated in Congress but the funding for it should not be deleted!

Walter Slavin

Governor Street, July 22