Letter: Press suffers from Trump derangement

To the Editor:

Your editorial, Oct.12, 2017, “Deception and Football” reeked of ignorance, stupidity, and untold bias.

Pence a puppet … hardly! Doing President Trump’s bidding? I believe that is one of the VP’s jobs. Just ask Joe Biden.

You mention this was an attempt to distract from “this administration’s consistent fumblings.” There are no fumblings except for Congress. President Trump has a very clear agenda but the U.S. Congress has been hindering and stalling in getting these programs legislated for whatever reason that may be. They certainly don’t seem to be heeding the wishes of the voters who elected Trump.

I suggest that in the future you restrain yourself from commenting on national affairs and stick to something you may seem to know a bit more about, i.e., local matters. In the meantime, may I suggest you seek treatment for your Trump derangement syndrome. It appears to be terminal.

Francis Cakavell

Barrack Hill Road, Oct. 19