Letter: Press prints letters without a bias

To the Editor:

I read an interesting article last Thursday regarding your coverage about the Women’s March to New York City, as well an interesting new term — “verbal sewage” allegedly used in the White House vis-a-vis, March for Life, DOW/Stock Market surge, and increase in employment in last quarter.

I have been a Ridgefielder for over four years and have written diverse articles ranging from The Napoleonic Trump (before he won), a new Equestrian store where I stated that “When you see horses, imagine that you see them print their proud foot on the receiving earth below,” Christmas and the Feast of the Assumption, Saint Mother Teresa of India (where I was born), and so on.

Not once was there any element of bias or otherwise, even when I sometimes sent it very close to the deadline. The Press published it like they publish News and without their personal views.

The sexual abuse of women and Gymnasts has been reported so widely the world over and at such speed reminiscent of Rosa Parks courage: Bravo Zulu to news reporting.

Unless we have a meaningful (not minimum) wage, a home and affordable medical, dental and eye care, the social and economic issues feeding each other and ruining the sacredness of a stable marriage; the evils of abortion, rampant and easy divorce, will continue. The only sufferers are the unborn child and the children living without biological parents. Why don’t we deal with these issues sincerely, and with courage and character. Adoption is always better than abortion.

If one is not a racist, one has to emphatically and affirmatively oppose all speech, and  institutions that negate the principle that all men and women are born equal.

Turn our hatred into hugs and make our country the greatest.

Ted Lobo

Hickory Lane