To the Editor:

For all the articles I read on what a safe town Ridgefield is I agree, but aside from the crime level there is another aspect just as important, and that is the safety of its residents — and visitors — young and old.

On Tuesday, April 11, I enjoyed a movie at the Playhouse and upon leaving and walking to my car I was hit on my shoulder by a foul ball from the baseball field. I had just had shoulder surgery a few weeks earlier. My question: Why is there not a mesh up to protect people from foul balls?

Fortunately, after rushing to my orthopedic to get an X-ray, I was OK. What if a child or baby had been hit with a ball coming at them 80 miles an hour. I felt like I had been shot.

I am very concerned for the lack of safety at that park.

Please, please, Parks and Rec, put a mesh up before the town has a big lawsuit.

Annette Khazadian

Loren Lane, April 13