Letter: Please make sure facts on firearms are accurate

To the Editor:

In response to the Zaccarelli's letter, under the First Amendment you have the right to march, protest and even print incorrect facts, which seemed to be the case in their letter.

Firearm deaths in the US are at an all time low —  10,230 for last year.

Your comment on reciprocity is beyond comprehension.

Please list the states that allow people to buy guns from a dealer without a Brady background check. Also please list the states that give permits to felons, terrorists or mentally ill individuals. I would like to know what states they are because there are none.

There are several states that have constitutional carry like Vermont but those states will not be included in reciprocity. They would have to implement a permit process to comply.

Right now any Connecticut resident with a permit can get a Utah permit and a Florida permit and carry in 31 states with those permits.

And the states with permit requirements require training.

So your letter is factually untrue and this country needs reciprocity.

As a law-abiding individual, we should not be singled out or compared to felons, terrorists or mentally ill individuals.

Please make sure your facts are accurate before you get them published in a newspaper.

Tom Falconieri

NRA master instructor