Letter: Planners didn’t even try to hide love for B&B proposal

To the Editor:

Once again the Planning and Zoning Department have shown their wanton indifference to the residents of Circle Drive and have debased the idea of a residential zone, in their belief that a business can open wherever it wants. Yes, homeowners have the right to modify and change their property (add an addition, put in a deck), but not at the risk and detriment to its character.  Character is broadly defined by Merriam Webster — “a feature used to separate distinguishable things into categories.”  

A residential zone is a perfect example of that character; a zone in which residents live. One that businesses do not operate. Certainly people have renters in residential neighborhoods. Renters have credit and background checks, they often have deposits due to the uncertainty that the landlord has that they will stay for the duration of their rent or lease. B&B guests don’t have the same vetting done to ensure their background since their short term nature does not afford this research. We even have a B&B already here — which has never been operational in the last 10 years.

What I am most disturbed by this whole process is the complete disrespect our neighborhood has been shown by the P&Z Commission. While they believed the application to be “perfect technically” the applicants failed to share any proof or evidence that this neighborhood is a suitable/perfect location for their business. It was a love-fest from the beginning and the commission didn’t even try to hide it. I am surprised they did not complement the applicant on their perfect posture was when she stood up and spoke. When residents and public comments were made, they were  dismissed as fear-mongering vitriol. We even had one person who supported them demean us for our signage, and how it intimidated the applicant’s daughter. Really? The applicant should have thought about this before steamrolling ahead with her “dream.” Do the election signs around town upset the children of opposing candidates? Can you say “micro-aggression?” How about the disregard the applicant showed through this whole process for our concerns, the risk this puts our neighborhood in? Hogwash, I am putting up more signs for them to enjoy.

The applicant couldn’t even have the dignity or class to be forthright and considerate in her demeanor to us. I hope she enjoys the peacock I am getting, since it will drown out her crowing.

Bob Cousins

Circle Drive, Nov. 16