Letter: Pickleball players pay for nets, balls

To the Editor:

I have read Mr. Macklin Reid’s article dated Dec. 20 regarding the fee increase by the Parks and Recreation membership for those who only wish to play pickleball. Several years ago, the NY Times recognized Ridgefield as the best community for retired persons. I also am retired and only recently begun to play pickleball once a week.

It was surprising to learn that these players paid for all nets and balls. They also assemble and disassemble all every single time they are used. These players surprisingly also personally paid for the motorizing of the backboards to allow them being raised. In addition to this, they also incurred the expense for the darkening of several windows. I am curious to know what “additional resources” are required? To clarify, the specious statistics the proposed increased cost of membership is 400%.  

Statistics may be made to reflect any position one may wish. As a statement attributed to Benjamin Disraeli, “There are three types of lies; lies, damn lies and statistics!”  

In should be noted that almost every player is retired and lives on fixed incomes. I was recently informed that some of the “regulars” no longer play pickleball due to the price increase. This is a very sad commentary for a community like Ridgefield.

To be sure, most of the “players” neither wish to, nor actually use any other of the facilities offered! The facilities are not overly used by these players nor are any of the other exercise facilities of Parks and Recreation! There is only one attendant at the Yanity Gym whose only apparent function is to collect fees.

It is difficult to comprehend such an increase; in fact, it appears confiscatory! It also appears to be contradictory to the image Ridgefield wishes to project.

Thank you for allowing me to express my frustration in regard to this fee increase.

VJ Tardino Jr.

Continental Court, Dec. 23